Celerity Awards

The most coveted, for the most deserving

Supply Chain and Logistics has become the next sunrise career. While students with premier academic backgrounds are joining this sector, there is still a huge talent crunch. Most other functions like Finance, Marketing, Advertising, IT etc. have evolved and the younger talent takes on larger roles, getting individual recognition by their industry peers.

Supply Chain Awards by Celerity aims to acknowledge and honour the innovative streaks of young talent, and exceptional managers and entrepreneurs.

We are proud to launch ‘The Exemplars’ Awards this year, a list of the who’s who in the value chain.

How does it work

All that you need to know to submit a great entry.


We are looking for individuals who have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and return on investment for a significant supply chain challenge in any one of these ten categories. Choose your category wisely and submit answers true to the category you have chosen.


These are the only ‘credible’ ‘individual’ awards in the country, which are given on merit. Get vetted by a panel of very senior supply chain practitioners. We don’t believe in keeping our Jury panel secretive. 


Nominee must be actively employed in a supply chain role at the time of nomination. The cut-off date for nominee age is 30th May 2022. As on that date the nominee must be 40 years of age or less for 40-under-40 and 30 years of age or less for 30-under-30 Supply Chain Awards.


The Application forms will be available only by way of a link to your email id. There are very nominal participation fees, which can be paid in individual capacity also. Last date for submitting fully filled nomination forms along with fees is 6th June 2022. Nominate yourself or a team member now!



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